Monday, February 25, 2008

What we are up to now.

Hi everyone, we are so busy right now.  Brittany has a part-time job and taking care of Trevor when she is not working.  I am doing an internship with the Utah Flash, which is a semi-pro basketball team.  They are in the NBA D-League.  This is such a cool internship.  When I am not working with the Utah Flash I am painting houses and taking care of Trevor when Brittany is working.  
I am also looking for a full-time job after graduation which is April 11, 2008.  So, if anyone has any leads let me know.  
We are also trying to earn money to put a new engine in our truck, which is currently not running.  All-in-all we are blessed.  We have a beautiful baby boy that is growing like a weed.